Saturday, January 21, 2017

AARON LINES Let's Get Drunk And Fight

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AARON LINES Let's Get Drunk And Fight Lyrics, singer by AARON LINES

Let me pour you a tall one,
Come sit down next to me.
Baby you look so good,
In those faded jeans.

I've been stoned cold sober,
You've been cold as ice.
I got a good idea,
Let's get drunk and fight!

Let's get drunk and fight,
Keep the neighbors up all night.
You can scream at me,
And I'll make you cry.
And when the morning comes,
We'll make some make-up love,
While we apologize.
But tonight,let's get drunk and fight!

Have another pina colada
And get good and torqued down
If you need a pinata
You can kick me around!
You can insult my mother
And I'll question your past.
It turns me on when you're pissed off
Cuz, you look hot when you're mad.

[chorus x2]

Baby tonight,
Let's get drunk fight!

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